Scanner Trivia – The More You Know! #4

One of the coolest new features which we’ve recently seen emerge in the world of scanning is picture recognition. Picture recognition refers to software which allows a scanner to recognize features and subtleties within a scanned image and identify them based on general characteristics. For instance, Google’s search functionality now offers support for image-based searches. If you want to search for images which contain flowers, Google is able to look at reference images containing flowers and then identify similar images which also contain flowers. The applications for this technology are seemingly endless, and the accuracy of the recognition software is surprisingly keen.
For our purposes, many of the large format scanners which we offer come equipped with our own version of picture recognition software. Most notably, our Image Access series of Bookeye scanners have a nifty little tool installed inside of them called “Finger Removal Software”. Basically, the software detects when a finger has accidentally been placed inside the scanning window, and automatically removes it from the finalized image. Neat, right? We’re eagerly looking forward to seeing how picture recognition will shape the future of large format scanners!
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