Featured Product of the Week - Ink Cartridges

This week we’ll be dedicating our featured product section of the blog to one of the core components of any plotter – ink cartridges. Ink cartridges are nifty little tools which allow ink to be dispersed across the face of a printed document. Without ink cartridges, a plotter’s functionality would be nil, since ink is essential in the process of printing.
Ink cartridges typically come in sets composed of typically 4 or 5 colors – Cyan, Magenta and Yellow generally constitute the primary colors, with Black and occasionally Matte Black rounding out the spectrum. The traditional 4-color CMYK model is the most common printer scheme, featuring Cyan, Magenta and Yellow for coloration and Black as the key. The majority of large format plotters which we offer are based around this model, and allow for printing across the full color gamut. The combination of the primary colors allows for additional colors to be created (i.e. red and blue yield purple), while Matte Black ink is typically used for printing traditional black and white images. Most of the inks which we offer are Dye based, although some rare cartridges (typically for 8 and 12-cartridge sets) are Pigment based.
Ink cartridges have a reputation for relatively high cost, owing to their status as specialty products. While the cost of ink cartridges may be somewhat high, they serve a very unique and specific purpose which no other product is able to duplicate. Through the innovative introduction of chip technology, ink cartridges are now specifically coded to match their corresponding plotters, optimizing ink use and ensuring that consumers don’t accidentally purchase the wrong ink or make the mistake of trying to fit an incorrect cartridge into an incompatible scanner.
It’s important to ensure that the ink cartridges which you are purchasing are licensed and distributed by an authorized manufacturer – many 3rd party inks have recently seen distribution through unauthorized parties, and the results have been very dissatisfactory for the customers whose hands they wound up in. Generally, 3rd party inks are manufactured and distributed en masse, without the attention to color quality and longevity which OEM inks receive. For this reason, always be sure that (if your ink is not hardcoded with an electronic chip) it is an OEM-distributed ink cartridge, and not a 3rd party ink cartridge.
If you’re interested in learning more about all of the different ink cartridges which we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (866)-338-4464 or info@largedocuments.com.
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