Featured Product of the Week – Image Access Bookeye Series

In this week’s installment of our Featured Product of the Week showcase, we’ll be highlighting the features of a product which we’ve mentioned in several of our most recent blog posts – the Image Access Bookeye series of scanners. With this series, Image Access has reimagined the book scanner from the ground up. The Bookeye series comes in three size formats – 25”x18”, 25”x36”, and 36”x50”, with each respective size increase containing additional features at an added cost. From a technological vantage point,the Bookeye series of scanners are among our newest and most innovative items, and offer capabilities and features which none of the other products in our catalogue are able to duplicate. Most importantly, our Bookeye scanners are going to be a huge tie-in for a major announcement which we’re planning to make in the near future, but it will still be a few months before we’re prepared to share more information on that subject.
The fundamental concept behind the Bookeye Series of scanners (as with all dedicated book scanners) is relatively simple – scanning books using roll-fed scanners is nigh impossible, and scanning on a flatbed surface is difficult and cumbersome, owing to the curvature of a bound book which typically doesn’t press clearly against the surface of the scanner glass. Book scanners were conceived as a means of circumnavigating these issues, by providing a mounted cradle for books to be placed within, while an overhead scanner reads the images displayed on the pages of the book and creates a digital duplicate. Additionally, the Bookeye series makes scanning books even easier through the use of the optional foot pedal – simply step on the pedal to scan, while using your hands to turn the pages. On top of that, all Bookeye scanners come prebuilt with finger removal technology, which is capable of detecting a thumb or forefinger accidentally placed inside the window of a scan and then effortlessly remove it from the image. Last, our Bookeye series also comes with an adjustable binding thickness cradle in order to allow the cradle of the scanner to accommodate books of varying thicknesses.
For archivists and curators, book scanners – and in particular, the Image Access Bookeye Series of book scanners – are an absolute necessity. In addition to providing the absolute best optical resolution and image quality of a target book, book scanners are also the safest way to scan delicate and sensitive materials, such as antique or one-of-a-kind books. If you believe that an Image Access Bookeye Scanner may prove beneficial for your professional and personal requirements, contact us at (866)-338-4464 or info@largedocuments.com for more information on how to add one to your product library.
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