Scanner Trivia – The More You Know! - #2

Did you know – Scanners serve a wide variety of functions, and are not limited to simply scanning in 2D. Recent developments in the field of scanning technology have allowed modern scientists to create photo-realistic 3D models of objects using 3D scanners. 3D scanning technology is very new and is still in the early stages of development, but the core concept is both fascinating and exciting: as with traditional 2D scanners, a 3D scanner aims to replicate the shape and color of an object, but with added depth of field and distance. One of the most famous instances of a 3D image in media is the hologram – popularized by the 1977 film Star Wars, holograms were long thought to be a scientific impossibility, owing to the wave-like properties of light. With modern scanning technology, the qualities of a hologram can be duplicated inside of a simulated chamber – by scanning an image from all sides, a duplicate of the image can be created within the chamber of the 3D display unit, allowing a simulated hologram of the image (generated by bouncing light at different frequencies around within the chamber) to be viewed. While we haven’t yet seen any large-format 3D scanners made commercially available, it’s interesting to think what the future may hold for this new technology.
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