Scanner Maintenance Tips

Often times, we get calls from our customers describing issues which can be easily avoided with the proper education. To help our readers get a better idea of how to keep their scanners in tip-top shape, check out our weekly feature on simple instructions for scanner maintenance.

Keeping the Scanner Glass Crystal-Clean:

This article will focus on a maintenance tip which can be applied to all modern, commercially available scanners – simply put, keeping the Scanner Glass clean will do wonders for you and your scanning projects. It might sound a tad obvious, but impurities, scratches and blemishes on the Scanner Glass are one of the common causes for a variety of different issues which users report experiencing. The classic symptom of dirty or tarnished glass is when pastel lines appear running vertically through a scanned image – in effect, the grime and wear on the face of the glass are being scanned into the document. Should you observe strange lines running part or all of the way across your scans, then you may need to clean your Scanner Glass in order to improve the quality of your images.
Cleaning the Scanner Glass is at once simple and complex – there really isn’t much more to cleaning the glass itself than grabbing a clean rag and spraying the glass with some Windex. It’s the process of removing the glass from the scanner which can prove to be a tad more difficult, however. The glass within a scanner is almost always removable, owing to the relatively common need for maintenance and cleaning, but the process for removing the glass will vary depending on the make and model of your scanner. In order to get a better idea of how to remove the glass from your scanner, check out our handy product reference sheets under the “Scanners” section of our Product Catalogue: or feel free to reach out to us by phone at (866)-338-4464 or email us at if you’d like us to walk you through the process. Alternatively, if you’d like to put it in our hands, we do offer service for Colortrac, Contex, Graphtec and Image Access products, among many others.
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