Featured Product of the Week: Colortrac SC Xpress Series

It’s our pleasure to introduce a new section which we’ll be adding to our blog each week – our brand-new Featured Product catalogue! We’d like to introduce our readers to some of our new and unique products, and what better way than to choose a different product each week to share the inside scoop. This week we’d like to take some time to discuss one of our most popular series of Scanners, the Colortrac SC Xpress Series.
As with most other series of scanners which we offer, the SC Xpress Series features three different models:
  • The “M” model (for Monochrome) - captures images in a dynamic range of black and white resolutions.
  • The “C” model (for Color) - adds wide color gamut scanning to the features already available in the “M” model.
  • The “E” model (for Express) – boosts scanning speeds twofold, in addition to all of the features found in the “M” and “C” models.
All three models feature the same basic specifications and layout. The SC 25 is the introductory model – featuring a 25-inch scan width, it’s a perfect fit for basic technical work.  With a 36-inch width, the SC36 series is the best option Large Document Solutions has to offer for intermediate work in the field of technical document scanning. Finally, the 42-inch scanning width of the SC42 model is perfect for advanced technical scanning. With scanning speeds of 13.0 ips in black and white and up to 12.0 ips in color, you’ll be able to crank out work like never before – seriously, those are some really impressive numbers. Additionally, all SC Xpress scanners come with the newest version of the SmartWorks software, SmartWorks TOUCH. Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface, SmartWorks TOUCH simplifies the process of printing, and helps you to get the most out of your device. Thanks to recent innovations in the field of scanning technology, there’s never been a better time to own a large-format scanner – and the SC Xpress Series is hands-down one of our finest product families.
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