Image Access WideTEK25 Being Used to Preserve Newspapers, Historical Documents

The president of the Historical Society of Laguna Woods Village, a large independent living community in southern California, contacted us inquiring how they could preserve their newspapers from years 1965 to 2000. This summed to about 20,000 pages and many were fragile, ink was fading and they were reaching their end of life.  The volunteers are elderly and some have limited hand mobility; using a roll fed scanner was a concern because roll fed scanning would take quite of bit of hand manipulation. Plus, with many of the documents in a deteriorating state, a roll fed scanner could cause risk of damage to the newspapers and thus loss of historical data. These newspapers and other collectible documents are currently being stored on the property in a climate controlled with no sprinkler system. The goal was to free up this space, digitize the newspapers and be able to easily locate a page rather then using their current method of searching by hand.

Smaller documents, up to 11x17, are currently being scanned on their copier but the copier is not designed for high volume archive scanning and, therefore, often has technical issues plus the glass is not large enough for the newspapers.

We recommended the Image Access WideTEK25 flatbed scanner with a glass size of 25”x33.5”. This flatbed is fast, very easy to use and can scan up to 600 dpi. The lid can be easily removed to accommodate larger documents, as well.  With the limited hand mobility, we thought the volunteers could easily lay the newspapers on the glass and close the lid to flatten out the pages that were wrinkled. They could also utilize the foot pedal to assist with limiting the hand usage and create a smooth and fast archive process. Being a very large retirement community, we suggested they may want to use the WideTEK25 as a profit making tool for scanning resident’s photos and family documents. The residents could then send these digitized images to a local printer for enlargement and printing.  

The president was thrilled that the Image Access WideTEK25 flatbed scanner could meet ALL of their requirements and will be receiving their flatbed this week.  Large Document Solutions will provide them unlimited training and support for the whole time they own this scanner.
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