Scan for a customer and they will scan today. Teach a customer to scan and they will scan forever.

That is the motto at Large Document Solutions. Our philosophy is to provide knowledge to our customers as well as the best large format scanner solution on the market.

We believe that the best method to keep your customers happy is to provide as much information about the product as possible. This support includes best practice assistance in setup, install, and usage. As time goes on, we provide support for software and provide updates when needed. By providing support for consumable parts helps us keep connected to our customers. We even support out-of-warranty scanners purchased from us! Once you purchase a scanner from us, your a customer for life. We have customers who have purchased scanners from us spanning 3 scanner generations. There is a reason why they come back. Give us a call see for yourself.

We service what we sell. A potential customer can contact us at or by phone toll free (866) 338-4464. Our expert staff are trained to listen to the customer's requirements then suggest the best scanner at the best price as a solution. We pride ourselves to be consultants before sales.    

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