Colortrac Large Format Scanner Installed at Jefferson County Archives

At the end of March, Large Document Solutions visited Jefferson County Archives and provided training on their newly acquired Colortrac SC42c Xpress large format scanner. Jefferson County Archives is hoping to digitize some of it's current archival collections in thefuture. Right now, citizens with large format documents or historical documents that they would like digitized can bring them in to Jefferson County Archives to be scanned.

Jefferson County Archives was established in 1991 and serves as the institutional memory of Jefferson County government. It is the official repository for all permanent records of historical or evidential value created or received by the County in the course of its business activities, with records dating from 1860.

The Archives has only one staff person, Ronda Frazier, who is the first Certified Archivist in Jefferson County. She collects, preserves, arranges, and describes these permanently valuable records and makes them available in paper format to historians, genealogists, students, and other individuals, governments, and businesses who are interested in the history and development of Jefferson County.

Historically significant records are transferred to the custody of Archives when they have met their retention period and county departments no longer need or want them. Donations from citizens are accepted if she decides they are historically significant and can help tell the story and history of Jefferson County. All records are stored in a secure and temperature controlled environment in acid free folders and boxes. These records are available for the public to view by appointment with Ronda. In 2014, Ronda answered 432 requests for information on historical records and non-archival records.

Large Document Solutions can help you and your organization with selecting the best equipment for archiving all of your documents and historical items. From large format roll-fed scanners to large format flatbed scanners, we carry an extensive line of large format scanners to suit anyone's needs. We are happy to answer any large format scanning questions you may have. 

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