Why are Image Access scanners are not 100% MAC or Unix Compatible?

Image Access large format scanners are great in any environment. This includes Windows, MAC, and Unix environments. The primary reason for this compatibility is they utilize the web based Scan2Net scanning software.

So why are these scanners not 100% MAC or Unix complaint? It is not the scanner itself nor the application software (Scan2Net) that runs on these scanners, it is other application software and configuration utilities that can only run on a Windows machine. The Batch Scan Wizard scanning application and the ICC profile utility only runs on Windows computers.

Other minor applications that do not run naively include: HiZoom, a Pixel view application that can get RGB, CYMK colors form any image. Not many people use it. Scan2Wake a program that can wake up a sleeping scanner on a network. Mostly used for Admin and Techs.

Work Arounds” are always available. Use a Windows computer to create and configure the ICC profile or create a Windows partition on a MAC or Unix system and run these within that umbrella. Contact your IT professional or Large Document Solutions for more information on these options.

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