Wide Format Scanning Volume Daily Estimates

Service bureaus have reported to us that we can estimate about 250 wide format documents/scans per day.   This equates to roughly 40-60 scans an hour and is based on operator experience, number of operators, staging, work flow set up, speed of the operators and quality of original documents. NOTE: Today's wide format scanners are tough and not limited in speed and will scan as fast as a human can move.

Below is the formula we use to obtain an estimate on how many hours/days it will take for wide format documents to be scanned:

250 scans a day x # of business days a week = # of scans per week / total # of documents = total # of weeks / 4.3 weeks per month = total # of days/months to complete the project.

NOTE: These estimates are based on scanning continuously for eight hours a day non-stop.  



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