Product Spotlight: SMA Map Master Flatbed Scanner

Archival projects come in all shapes and sizes and as such, there are times when even the largest roll-fed scanner won't fit the bill. Flatbed scanners often feature scan beds in sizes up to 18 inches by 24 inches and include software that allows the user the scan items as large as 24 inches by 36 inches.

One drawback is that the user must scan the item up to three times in order to scan a 24-inch by 36-inch item. And larger items would need to be scanned in sections and then stitched together using imaging software such as Abode's PhotoShop. For some users, this process is not feasible - they would prefer a scanner that allows them to scan oversized items one time.

At Large Document Solutions, we carry a line of large and extra large scanners: the SMA Map Master Flatbed scanner. The Map Master comes in three versions: the L, XL and XXL. Ideal applications for these large flatbeds include fragile documents such as newspapers, photographs, maps, architectural drawings, and three-dimension items.

Each Scanner Features:

  • Color Scanning

  • 1200 dpi resolution

  • Roll Away Mount

  • Network Interface

  • Batch Scan Wizard Software

  • One-Year Onsite Warrany

Map Master L

  • 25” x 50” flatbed

  • Scan Speeds: 6 seconds at 300 dpi; 12 seconds at 600 dpi

Map Master XL

  • 36” x 50” Flatbed

  • Scan Speeds: 12 seconds at 300 dpi; 24 seconds at 600 dpi

Map Master XXL

  • 36” x 100” flatbed

  • Scan Speeds: 24 seconds at 300 dpi; 36 seconds at 600 dpi


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