Archive & Index Engineering Drawings

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to archive and index engineering drawings, then you should look no further than large format scanners. The future is digital, ladies and gentlemen, and the advent of the scanner has brought the future to the here and now. For all of you searching for user-friendly and affordable means to archive and index engineering drawings, the finest products available today can be found at, a website owned and operated by the professionals at the EME Corporation.

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There are numerous options in large format scanners at this website, but a few scattered examples may provide a quick study of how committed the EME Corporation is to high-quality and cutting-edge technology. Here you can find both black and white and color scanners, and both possess the accuracy and resolution necessary to accommodate someone whose goal is to archive and index engineering drawings.

When it comes to monochrome scanners, a useful example is the Graphtec IS 200 Pro. This exceptional piece of machinery incorporates a "hands free" Intelligent Thickness Adjustment--it is a user-friendly scanner with enough artificial intelligence to handle your originals without forcing you to endure labyrinthine processes for scanning. With up to 4800 DPI interpolated resolution, this scanner is perfect for someone who wants to archive and index engineering drawings.

Another fine example is the Colortrac SmartLF 4080E. This extremely efficient machine facilitates effortless large format image capture, making it the perfect fit if you're itching to scan full-color engineering drawings. For more information, contact the Large Document Solutions or via email at or toll-free via telephone at 1-866-338-4464.