In one of our more recent Blog entries, we mentioned the outstanding experience we had at the Western Roundup – a convention for professional archivists and curators to gather. We wanted to share a bit more information about one of the products which we have recently seen gaining traction within this industry – the Bookscanner. Bookscanners are incredible devices, given that they allow historians and curators to preserve documents which might otherwise fail to withstand the test of time.

On that note, we’re excited to announce that some of our newest Bookscanning devices just arrived in our office the other day! The Bookeye series from Image Access represents the highest quality in book scanning software and hardware – with lightning-quick scanning speeds and beautiful, high-resolution cameras built directly into the overhead mount, Bookscanners represent the strength of innovation and exploration within the field of technology. If you’re interested to learn a bit more about how Bookscanners work, check out our Bookscanner page under the Products header at the top of the site.