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Large Document Solutions Should Be Honorary Bulldogs!

Last year I was planning for the 55th reunion of the Class of 1964, from Arkansas (Ar-Kansas) City High School, in Kansas.  I decided to scan all the editions of The Arklight, our school newspaper, from September, 1961 through May, 1964, a total of about 225 pages. My plan was to put the files, along with 30 or so songs from the era, photos contributed by classmates, and other items, on a 1 GB USB drive, to give to each of the one hundred or so class members.  The project was a huge success—solely because of the great scanning equipment and wonderful assistance at Large Document Solutions.

Kevin and Mike, as well as everyone else, was friendly, helpful and supportive. Mike advised me to iron the pages to reduce the center crease, which made a big difference in the scans. Then, they picked the most appropriate scanner and we were able to produce great quality PDFs. They knew what I needed to accomplish, and they made it possible for me to have a great reunion gift.

Some advice to anyone else who is considering scanning similar memorabilia: After I gave out the USB drives with a card of explanation, I realized I would have to supplement them with some other methods. One guy, my own age, said, “USB. Hmmm. United States what?” So, I ended up also sending them in CDs and in a Dropbox link, along with my phone number, so I could talk people through the process. Eventually, everyone was able to read their old school newspapers and I received many calls and letters of thanks.

Was it worth it? Yes! Could I have done it without Large Document Solutions? Absolutely not! Thank you, Kevin and Mike! Go Bulldogs! 

Tina R
Aurora, CO 

Large Document Solutions really stands behind their lifetime technical support promise.  Mike has consistently provided outstanding service over the years. He has answered all my technical needs, even when we weren’t under contract with LDS. Because of this exceptional service, I am confident to purchase another scanner with Large Document Solutions.

George K., Boulder, CO



My scanner stopped working.  I could get no one to remote in and run some diagnostics that could help identify the problem at hand.  That was until I discovered the website of Large Document Solutions.  They remoted in, ran some diagnostics and asked me to make some physical adjustments. They made sure that my firmware and program software were up-to-date. We made a normalization run, followed by a successful test scan. Wow, what can I say?  For starts, I appreciate the fact that the folks at Large Document Solutions, without any hesitation, took the time to help solve my long running problem.  They were very patient with me and their explanations have given me a better understanding of this high tech piece of equipment.  My only regret is that I had not found them sooner. I certainly would highly recommend them for anyone requiring scanning services.

Gary L., Calgary, Alberta


The scanner is working so well for us!  Fast scans, colors and resolution are nearly perfect for fine art ... so glad we chose this one.  Please thank everyone involved - we really appreciated all you've done for us.

Laurie T., Sequim, WA


Thank you Mike and Kevin for the quick repair to the scanner.  Customer service is everything, and I am glad that we chose Large Document Solutions as our scanner provider.  Lastly, thank you for the notes and suggested additions to ensure that the problem does not happen again.

Mike R., Ponte Vedra, FL

This customer purchased an Image Access WideTEK 48 Scanner and Large Document Solutions delivered and setup the scanner:

"The scanner is working great. I was able to figure everything out and get it configured for them. I have already trained two of their employees (the ones that will use it most) that were not there on Monday and they seemed to love the interface, scanner, the way it worked and thought it would save them time."

David S.


Thank you very much for the matrix document  I am very impressed with how organized and efficient your website is. I was able to find a plethora of information about HP Plotters. I have a business providing training on Xerox Office Products for re-sellers and their customers. I will be adding HP Plotters as my first non-Xerox product line, to my training service offerings.  Your website will be a great resource for me as I prepare to support HP plotters.  

Dusty S.
Bedford, Texas

Referring to a scanner 

Referring to a scanner repair and adjustment on an older HP 815 scanner.  The response was from a return of cables left with our company and we returned them immedeately.  The customer wrote: "Mike, I got the package today.  Thanks again.  You guys are the best. Dave"    

Dave A.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Referring to a scanner supply order and Amanda's wonderful work: "Your customer service was very good. It was a pleasure doing business with you"    

Michael C.
Manchester, Connecticut 06040

You are the best!   Appreciate the good service.  
Looking forward to the scanners.   


Best Regards, Dwight
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819

"The best organization that I found to talk to about large document scanners is Large Document Solutions. This is where we purchased our scanner. They can sell or rent their machines... Kevin Brinks or Anne Ross are more than knowledgeable about this marketplace.........."

Jim C., Madison Heights, MI

The scanner has worked really well. We have done most of the major scanning that we needed to do with very few problems. The one issue that we had was corrected quickly with the help of your service tech, Thanks.    ...... Again thank you for all your help in setting up and getting us to this point.  Thanks!

R.H., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Thank you for all info. I am really happy that this long process is so close to finalizing and it was so smooth with your help. Also, I learned a lot about scanners including the advantage of using a carrier sheet; I have never used it before. I see that this tool will help me a lot because all my plans are done on trace paper which is very delicate and easy to tear.

Krystyna S., Boston, Mass

Thank YOU and Kara for your very kind attention on this order. It's so unusual to find friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful people at US businesses these days that it's worth a special thanks. Needless to say, I'll be keeping Large Documents Solutions contact info around for the next time a scanner issue comes up.

John P., North Carolina

Your Colortrac scanner and Canon printer are figured prominently in new GIS lab. The lab is working out great - much to your company's contribution!

Holy Cow Batman are they gorgeous!!

Thanks again, 1,000 thanks!

Don B., University of Michigan - Dearborn

The Universal Repro stand is pretty amazing. The dimensions and photographs are extremely useful to me. Thank you. I'll be in touch. Thank you for being on standby. Your service has been impressive.


CJ, Mesa Community College, AZ

Large document Solutions has bent over backwards to take care of me from help with next day rentals to software issues, to great deals on equipment purchases. They have gone above and beyond to take care of me and my customers. They were there to help weeks after the purchase was already complete and shipped, the customer service can't be beat!!

Jason G., Sugar House Archives & Shred

We have been in constant contact with Large Document Solutions as I have been pushing my hardware request through our purchasing procedure here at Georgia-Pacific. They have been a wealth of information and extremely helpful. I have appreciated their swift action and depth of knowledge on scanners.

Sharon B
Georgia-Pacific Wood Products 

Thank you for all your help on this. I could not have done it without your help. I simply did not know enough to ask the right questions. And you have been very prompt answering my questions and giving me options. And guess what? It [the scanner] is here."

Debbie W., Mariposa County